Japanese painting cherry

Size: 20x30 cm
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Bring Japan into your home with this splendid Japanese painting, featuring Mount Fuji and a sakura cherry blossom tree.

This Japanese painting creates a romantic, relaxing and warm atmosphere in the room where it is displayed. It's ideal for decorating, without breaking the bank, a home that lacks personality and could do with a little color to bring it to life.

This picture, with its fuchsia pink color, is ideal for just that. Its white color, meanwhile, softens the tones and harmonizes the canvas around a restful atmosphere that's very much in keeping with Japanese culture. It's reminiscent of a similar Japanese cherry-tree painting, but with a dominant red color instead of pink. The snow in the sky and Mount Fuji in the background plunge us deep into the painting, bringing it to life.

The sakura on the canvas is a constant reminder of the impermanence of things, with its magnificent leaves lasting only a short time each year, a period known as hanami. It reminds us of our duty to enjoy the present moment, and to put aside for a while the present and future that make up the majority of our mental activity. This is also what the practice of meditation encourages. No wonder it's so popular in Japan!

In the same spirit of tranquility, you'll find other canvases in different tones in our collection of Japanese paintings, but always with the same DNA: Japanese culture and its artistic, cultural and natural variations.

ATTENTION: We don't supply the frame shown in the photo, so we leave 2 to 3 centimeters of margin on each edge to be able to add reinforcement or a frame later.

Technical information:

  • Material: We use high-quality canvas printing to guarantee a high-end finish and vivid colors.

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